A peel-off label is a two-layer label created by combining two self-adhesive layers of material, most often white foil or white and silver foil. This is an ideal solution that allows you to put more text on a small label surface. By combining two layers of material, we can obtain up to three sides of the print. This solution allows you to include additional information, language versions, warning texts, etc. in situations where the product surface limits the larger size of the label. The peel-off labels we produce can be very advanced in terms of refinements. We can use white or silver foil as the top layer. On the visible outer layer we can use full CMYK color + additional white color and obtain photographic quality. Additionally, to refine the surface of the label, we can use matte or glossy varnish and matte, glossy or soft touch laminate. Additionally, we can apply selective or swelling varnish in the form of a warning triangle on the top layer of the label. Our digital technology allows us to use CMYK colors along with white not only on the outer layer, but also on the inner labels. An additional unique feature of our peel-off labels is the ability to use serialization and personalization on each layer.