ISO Certificates

We take a very serious approach to quality here at ETILAB. Eliminating errors on every step of production is a basic criterion of our quality policy. Over the course of our company’s development we installed various means of control over the process of label printing, and we are constantly polishing it. To document our efforts, in 2018 we implemented the Quality Management System(QMS) ISO 9001 and information security system ISO 27001.

Gliwice, 12.02.2019r.

The main objective of ETILAB Ltd based in Gliwice is to constantly satisfy our Customers’ needs by achieving and maintaining a high standard of quality in self-adhesive label production.

ETILAB’s goal in terms of Quality Policy among our current and potential Clients is to secure a steady position in the market, a reliable business partner who cares for his Clients. Among our competitors we want to be in the lead, enjoying a good reputation of a specialised supplier. Maintaining the adequate quality of offered goods and implementing the QMS according to the requirements of the PN-EN ISO 9001:2015 standard will allow the Chairwoman of the Board to direct the company in a modern fashion, compete with other companies on the local market as well as abroad, it will also allow to fulfil all our other future goals. 

We are working to realise this goal by:

  • an individual and solid approach to a Client and gaining his lasting trust
  • supplying goods that satisfy the needs of Customers to the greatest extent
  • taking into consideration the context of the company when planning future operations
  • strict control on every step of production, using modern means of research, measuring and data transferring
  • constantly increasing our equipment and technical background standard
  • systematic training of employees allowing proper use of modern technology
  • raising professional qualifications for better job quality
  • optimising production costs and raising economic effectiveness
  • assessing and supervising risks and opportunities for current processes
  • solidifying the belief that the responsibility for the quality of goods is the basic duty of every employee
  • continuous perfecting of goods and effectiveness of the QMS
  • fulfilling applicable legal, regulatory or other requirements

The guarantee of achieving these goals is the awareness of the Chairwoman of the Board and the employees of the company about the need for continuous improvement of all processes aimed at achieving the satisfaction of our clients, resulting from satisfying their needs and meeting the requirements of the PN-EN ISO 9001: 2015 standard.

The second priority goal of ETILAB Ltd based in Gliwice is constantly meeting Customer requirements by achieving and maintaining a high level of quality in the production of self-adhesive labels, with a guarantee of full security of processed information.

Based on the belief that information is a strategic resource of every Organisation, we have implemented the Information Security Management System(ISMS). We want to provide our clients with adequate protection against unauthorised access, violation of integrity or destruction of assets related to the storage and processing of information. The issue of information security is vital to the Chairwoman of the Board, which is why it occupies an important place among the tasks carried out by ETILAB Ltd and lies within the competences of its employees. The scope of protection and measures taken are adequate to the ownership of the assets associated with information processing systems.

The company ETILAB Ltd ensures information security through:

  • continuous risk management, which consists of:
  • classification of resources and their values,
  • identification of the degree of threats and their consequences, taking into account criteria such as the effects of information loss, place of occurrence,
  • defining asset security measures
  • changes management, which consists of :
  • analysing the impact of changes on the level of security  
  • ensuring full coordination during the implementation of changes
  • organisation continuity management by laying out and implementing instructions and emergency protocols

The main goals for the PN-EN ISO/IEC 27001:2017 standard compliant ISMS are to:

  • ensure compliance with the law and standing legal acts, regulatory or other
  • protect information processing systems from unauthorised access or obstruction
  • constantly increase employee awareness
  • minimise the risk of information loss
  • involve all employees in data protection

The guarantee of achieving the assumed goals is the provision of means necessary to implement the Information Security Policy, set and update goals, use security means and security techniques, as well as the awareness of the Chairwoman of the Board and employees of the need to constantly improve all processes aimed at ensuring information security.

I will promote and apply the Policy described in this way along with employees with due diligence, ensuring that it is up to date.

Chairwoman of the Board Sylwia Dudek