We produce warning labels with a layer of selective convex varnish, in particular inscriptions in Braille and a warning triangle for the blind and visually impaired.
Labels with Braille inscriptions are often used in pharmacy and cosmetology. Placing this type of inscriptions on the labels of food products and electronics is also becoming more and more popular. Making such markings requires incredible precision, so that blind or visually impaired people have no problems with effectively identifying the product.
A label containing text in Braille can be made in two ways:
• a traditional label with print is created from scratch, additionally equipped with an inscription (marking) with information in Braille;
• the so-called an overlay in the form of a label made of transparent foil with an inscription in Braille, which is glued to the actual label.
For smaller quantities, we integrate convex warning triangles for the blind into the label. Integration of warning triangles into the packaging label is possible even at low volumes.
The markers we offer - Braille elements, warning labels for the blind and convex warning triangles - meet the requirements of the European Standard EN ISO 11683.